Jet Pump Well Diagrams

Before the modern submersible well pumps water was pumped from the ground with Jet Pumps. Many of these style wells were hand driven by pile driving 1 1/2" or 2" steel drop pipe into the ground until a water table was found.  Shallow well pumps are rated from 1/2hp - 1hp pumps.  Many a cabin had hand driven wells that were merely 20' deep.  Most of these style wells tended to be relatively shallow as the "jet pumping" process is not very efficient simply because of the pressures and flow rates required to create the vacuum necessary to draw water from the ground so generally single drop jet pump wells are less than 100' deep where double drop jet pump wells may be considerably deeper.  Packer Ejector Jet Pumps can be used on pipe up to 4" in diameter and are capable of handling wells that may be several hundred feet deep.

There are three different types of Jet Pump Well configurations.

1. Single drop jet pump: Single drop wells tend to be very shallow because this is the least efficient way to draw water and create pressure. Single drop system typically produce less than 10gpm flow rate.

2. Double drop jet pump: Double drop jet systems may be over 100' in depth because the vacuum created to draw water is well down inside the drop pipe.

3. Deep Well Packer Ejector Jet Pump: These are designed for wells up to 4" in diameter and over 100' deep.
Deep well Packer Ejector Pump

Single Drop and Double Drop well components

Single Drop Jet pump installation retro fitted to a bladder style well tank. The pump is mounted on the old well tank which was abandoned.

Jet pump package. Pump mounted to top of well tank.


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