Submersible Well Diagrams

There are several types of groundwater wells.

This is a diagram of a typical submersible well and and the layers of earth well drillers look for when drilling a well to get the best quality of water and protection from surface water contaminants .  This is the most common type of drilled well for residential and commercial well water supplies.  These wells will usually be 4" in diameter on up to 8" for a residential home. This type well may be as shallow as sixty feet or can be several hundred feet deep, depending on the depth of groundwater in each region.  The water quantity and water quality from every well varies greatly even from one house to the next.
How deep the submersible pump is set in the well strictly depends on the "static" water level in the well.  Even though a well may be 100' deep the "static" water level in the well pipe itself may be as shallow as thirty feet.  Therefore a submersible pump may be set anywhere in between, typically 40' to 70'.  This type of well generally produces the greatest volume of water.

Submersible pumps for residential wells are available in 1/2 hp on up to 3hp. A 1/2 hp submersible pump will produce about 10gpm of water.  Many submersible wells are capable of producing 30gpm or more depending on the well capacity and submersible pump size.  This is an important consideration when building a home or replacing an old well. With a simple upgrade to a larger pump you may very well be able to dramatically increase the gallons per minute available for your home and be able to run the household much more efficiently.  A new type of well pump/design is now available.  This new pump design is referred to as a continuous duty pump or constant pressure pump.  These systems maintain a constant pressure of 60 or 70 lbs, depending on how it is set, and supplies constant water pressure closer to what city water or a community well will supply.  Submersible wells generally operate with a 30/50 or 40/60 pressure switch.

Constant Pressure Well System

For a more detailed and informative layout of submersible wells check out the Water Systems Council website at this link.

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